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“American Journey”  by Niko Fusaro


“The Poem I hate  by Majelique lewis

In complete anger with this guy

I don’t know if it’s his suits or those ugly eyes

This guy’s eyes are a pitfall then he has a nerve to say he will build a wall? Does he know anything at all?

He says he hates illegals while his hair –do

That should be illegal

And his views about the people are miscued

Seems like he has an issue with immigrants

But his wife is an immigrant?

His face is twisted, old and needs Botox

Just like his views

I hope his family is proud

How can anybody be proud his eyebrows are long and pink

Someone needs to milk that cow

To be clear I wanted to say coward his wig that he wears is something

That not even Benjamin franklin would be proud of

His money may bring him power

But we know what he is lacking in his insecurities

Nothing about him spells purity

Nothing about him spells security

This guy’s suits are a rarity and his hair he needs to give it charity his

Face is soo ugly if they put it on trial for murder and lost he would be

Retried for double jeopardy

This guy’s face is funny like a cartoon

But so disfigured they wouldn’t show it on Disney

Yeah if you didn’t know I’m voting for Hillary

Yeah take that because you stink like a skunk

If this guy wins we all be trumped

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