Welcome to NCC’s Journal of the Arts!

Musings is an online magazine that showcases work from the students at Norwalk Community College. This journal is student-run and we gladly include work from many different categories, not only writing and poetry, but also art, photography, film and music.

Contest Winners:

All of the winners have the page number listed as to where they show up in the magazine itself.


  • 1st: Maddy Vose (p3)
  • 2nd: Sylvester Massey (p19)
  • Yamilex Ramirez (p37)


  • 1st: John L. Hartman (p9)
  • 2nd: Paula Dobles (p44)
  • 3rd: Nayera Nagaty (p33)


  • 1st: Michela Piazza (p12)
  • 2nd: Capriska Ondo Thomas (p30)
  • 3rd: Toni Livingston (p22)


  • 1st: Sarah Joseph (p47)
  • 2nd: Olivia Giblen (p43)

NCC Journal of the Arts


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