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Featured Pieces


Ruth Goudjanou

L’amour sans toi n’a pas de sens 
Rien que ta présence réveille tous mes sens.

Love without you does not make sense
Your presence awakens all my senses.

Our Queen

Anastasia Newkirk

Queen of the Wild
Our Queen, Oh our Queen!
Big and golden brown
powerful, with a perfectly structured face
Beautiful and strong!
Can you see her Voluptuous hair? It is so long!

Huge and brave like no other!
The most elegant of them all, she acts as our mother!

Princess into a queen, yes royalty in fact!
That is of the wild, to be exact!

A roar sounds as she lets all know that she's is in charge!
There is no competition in sight, she’s just too large!

No cheetahs, Panthers, or other lions can compare
Yet they can always fight her to take over rule, that is only if they dare.

Years go by in the northern wild, she continues her rule!
As time goes on, with power her ego begins to fuel!

Calm, fair, and as brave as one can be!
For centuries she continued to rule on, smooth and efficiently!

6:30 AM

Liam Day


Natalie Ramos