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By: Mickey McConnell

Lungs lose space again.

I cannot stand to feel like this,

this opalescent self solidifying

dark murky blue.

Second time, second final attempt,

the attempt to touch your glass face.

I had felt your teasing existence,

reach and touch me,

right here,

I really don’t want to fight anymore.

I really don’t want to be your widow

stuck here.

I took the capsules,

enough to say goodnight,

the long dress you said ha
d made my figure glow,

beautiful and ironic,



I always said I felt vampiric in this gown,

you’re gone now,

cannot tell me I am crazy anymore.

I lay with the bouquet,

we saturate.

Twilight carries me into numbness,

you are close again,

I am close with you,

as my hair tangles with the stiches and we dance,

beautiful nothings.

NCC Journal of the Arts