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Featured Piece

“Moon Lover”  by Shenique McIntyre


 “Boogie Man”  by Andrea Vega


“American Nobody  by Constance Kadaris

You wear the flag

Upon your chests

Say the pledge and now you’re dead

Sent back with dog tags

In body bags

American Nobody

Was it worth it? The price you paid

Everyone’s forgotten your name that you knew

American Nobody

Showed us nothing

War doesn’t solve anything

Who’s to blame? Who’s in command?

That flag you fought for

Oh so dear of heart

Transfers to a coffin and an unmarked grave

In some military cemetery

So far away

From where you bled upon that rocky shore

I support the war if it were right

If it is just and not for a fight

Not to show off the latest inventions that kill

There all the same in the hands of henchman

Same story

Different flag

American nobody is all we have

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