Photography & Film:


“Rain Trap”

by DJ Key

Jake Boyd, known in music circles as DJ Key, is currently enrolled at NCC as a business marketing major, but has always had a passion for music.  He started mixing his own music about two years ago, and decided to take it a step further by enrolling in a digital songwriting class here at NCC.  This song was created as a project for that class.


“It Comes To This”

by Beverly Ward

Beverly is currently enrolled at NCC as a studio art major, but is a veteran of over 30 years in professional music theater. In recent years her interests have extended from performing to creating.  She began writing songs in 2005 and was accepted into the renowned BMI Musical Theater Workshop as Composer/Lyricist in 2009.  Her latest musical, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, is under final consideration at many developmental venues across the country.

Poetry & Writing:

Ophelia by Samantha Wood